Silencing The Lambs

Horror Author - Elizabeth Peake
1 June
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Born in the heat of the Arizona desert, Elizabeth Peake is keenly aware of what hell is. In 1993, she decided to move her family to Minnesota, where hell goes by a different name.

She has written numerous short stories and they have appeared or will appear in various webzines and print magazines, including www.horrorfind.com, www.artofhorror.com, The Fear Within anthology, Femmes de la Brume anthology, Scary! Holiday Stories to Make You Scream anthology and Tales From the Gorezone anthology.

She currently resides in Louisville Kentucky with her husband and three kids. Her web presence is www.elizabethpeake.com, and she is currently working on THE DARKEST HOUR, a full-length novel based on her short story, The Holler.