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Come on, you know you want to

Who is the biggest jackass/prick/bastard/fuckwad/bitch you've ever had the displeasure of meeting through your internet ventures?

Feel free to name names and give your reason(s) why.

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hehehehehehe... yeah, i don't need to answer this right?
Since you and I are most certainly speaking of the same person(s), but one bastard specifically, you don't need to answer! ;)


A guy named Fred. His handle is Pistoff. We clashed in the Gargoyles fandom. He hates me, hates me, HATES me. Well, really, he hates about everybody in the whole wide world. But especially me.

Because my fanfic stories, seething with violence, incest and other assorted nastiness, made me popular while "good" writers (like him, presumably) never got any attention. I am a sensationalistic hack. I am a cliquish, hypocritical bitch. And somehow, against all that is good and right and proper in the world, I've managed to sell and publish a few things and am almost considered a real author while he toils in unappreciated obscurity, stewing in a bath of his own venom. Etc.

Mostly, though, I think it's that the more he spews and rants about me, the funnier and more pitiable I find it ... which only makes him madder ... :)

-- C.
Tell him to suck your right nipple because the left one is taken!


Deleted comment

But, in your opinion, who is the worst of the bunch? :)


His first name is Philip he is a grade A Dickhead.
But, WHY is he a dickhead? lol


I too, feel not the need to confide this to you Ms. Peake, for I fear that you already know to whom I would be referring.