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Woooo hooooo!!!

The pile of Mountain Dew bottle caps covered my desk. Hubby was saving the caps to enter a drawing held at everytenminutes.com (every10minutes.com?) but instead of entering them, they slowly became a yellow mountain of, well...Mountain Dew caps.

Last thursday, I told him to enter the damn things into the contest or out they go. At 9:50 p.m., he entered approximately 30 of the caps.

Now, here's the "guess what" of it all...

We won an XBOX 360!!! It'll be here just in time for Christmas. :D

Also, we won a gift package containing t-shirts, ball caps and other miscellaneous stuff.

Yeah, the boys are going to have a very nice Christmas. :D

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Thats pretty cool. Its good to win things...
Especially when I rarely win. Oh wait, HE won...lol.

Nifty. Especially envious since that platform includes Neon...
I'm thinking about getting the boys The King Kong game. They love King Kong and dinosaurs.


Wow! Congrats! I was just entering in some codes just the other day hoping to win my own.

You didn't get the last one did ya? :)
I just might have snagged the last one!!


Cool! I have a few Snapple caps good for prizes, but nothing fancier than lip balm and a frisbee.

-- C.
Hubby's strutting around like the cock of the walk, that's for sure. :)


I imagine so ... I was like that when I won tickets to the premiere of the first HP movie from a radio station call-in trivia contest ;)

-- C.